Michael Heitz

Marketing & Blockchain Consultant

Udemy Instructor


I’m Michael Heitz and I’ve been in Cryptocurrencies since 2016 when one Bitcoin was only worth $600! I become passionnate of the technology behind cryptos: blockchain which is a revolution.

I started investing in Bitcoins, learning all about it myself, had mentors, took online courses that I paid for and did participate in the evolution of cryptocurrencies. Only in 4 years it evolved a lot.

To me it’s easy technology but it still remains difficult for a novice to use, that’s why I decided to share my knowledges with you.

I love teaching because I love searching information about complicated topics and putting a course together that anyone can understand whithout previous experience in a topic.

My mother was teacher and did transmit me the art of teaching.

For me, I don’t know I love it, it’s just here the need to transmit knowledges to others.

I’ve also been in online marketing for more than 10 years and everything related to marketing is so passionnate. Everything I learned there, I can use everyday and that’s awesome.


My background:

– 4 years experience in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology: self learning, mentors, paid online courses, self experimenting.

– more than 10 years in Online Marketing:

self learning, mentors, paid online courses.

– 5 years experience as Freelancer in Social Media Marketing and presence on Google for local businesses

– 3 years work experience in Sport Rental shop

– 15 years work experience in Hospitality mainly restaurants

– Bachelor in Business Law – University of Paris II Assas

– Bachelor in Accounting, Marketing and Economy

– Bachelor in Hospitality and Marketing – Hospitality School of Strasbourg

– Fluent in English, French and German.


My mottos:

“Only invest in something you fully understand” – Warren Buffet

“Anyone is capable of everything if he or she wants it” – Me


If you want to know about me and get value and useful content in the cryptocurrencies space, please check the links in this profile, especially to my Youtube Channel.

Long life to Blockchain Technology!

Michael Heitz